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What type of Life Would you Really Like to Live?

Can you be completely honest with yourself?  Really?  Are you a victim of circumstance in your life or do you consciously choose the reality you live?

Think about your life right now.  The people, the things, the activities, pleasures, excitements and all the adventures you experience.  Is it peaceful and easy or is it hell on earth?   Do you feel like your life is a huge mess right now?  Is nothing working out for you?  Is it not enough and you want more or better?

Or is it more than you could possibly ask for?  Is it just right for you?   

If you could have more of the "good stuff" would you choose to go for it no matter what the experience will bring you?  

Are you ready to receive all the universe has to offer without judgement of it being good or bad?  

Do you settle for what you think you deserve?  And really let's look at the word "deserve".  Do the birds or rabbits deserve anything?  Does nature deserve anything?  No - it just is - it's all part of the love that nature is by nature.  They just know what they need and they receive it - no matter what it is.  

The sun doesn't wake up every morning and say - hey - Canada deserves snow and ice and cold - it just doesn't.  So why should you feel you are deserving or undeserving of what the universe has to offer you?

And are you willing, ready and able to just "receive" whatever comes your way? Can you expand your life by allowing yourself to just receive?   

We all have dreams and aspirations - but really - we always add a caveat that says - yeah - in my wildest dreams - not likely.  And that my friends is being judgemental and not living in the question.  To live in the question, one must also be willing , ready and able to receive whatever it takes to make that wildest dream come true.  

Lets say you won a million dollars in the lottery.  And then lots of businesses and phone calls come in to your home asking for donations or for you to buy something.  You decide that you don't like or want that type of attention - and in doing so - you naturally disallow and take yourself out of the state of receiving.  Because to be rich - you have to be willing to deal with everything that comes with having money.  You just do - otherwise - you are not willing to receive.

So here's a question and a tool you can use that would help you decide and then create your reality differently.

What would I really like to have, that if I chose to have it  would change my life for the better in so many ways?  

What would I REALLY like to have, that I have dared not ask for it because if I did, and actually asked out loud to receive it I would actually create that reality and change my life?

(and then repeat the clearing statement that will move the energy)

Right and Wrong, Good and Bad, POD and POC, All Nines, Boys, Shorts and Beyonds.

Repeat the above questions and clearing statement for 30 days - and say it at least 10 times (or more) a day.  Don't look for the answer - that will come.  The truth will always make you feel lighter - a lie will always make you feel heavier.  You will just know when it comes that it's right for you - whatever the change.  And don't expect it the way you envision it - it doesn't work that way.  It always comes differently - and that is why you have to be willing to "do whatever it takes" to make it happen.

What if falling apart was really everything falling together?

 What if the universe was in the process of rearranging things in a way you can't yet imagine?  What if the mess were simply something in mid-creation? 

What if it was only Wednesday and it takes 7 days to create the earth? Did God say - "oh crap - it's not working I better start over?"

Before you deside nothing is working for you - ask some questions.  A good one to start with is 

What's right about this that I'm not getting? 


What will it take for this to turn out better than I could ever have imagined?

Now smile, sit back and watch the creative process at work.  Relax - the universe has your back and will give you all you ask for - you just have to ask and then be willing to receive.

Magic You Are It.  BE IT       

This Book is amazing. $16.00  
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I Love It.    One to change your life and a good one to read over and over to create the changes in your life that you are seeking to change. Sometimes we have to unlearn, relearn and then live the life we wish to see.  
It's called Walk The Talk

 Are You Willing To Change Your Perspective and Choose a Life of Ease Joy and Glory?


Chapter One - Creating Magic In Your Life
  • Magic Is Not About Using Force and Effort.  One of the things we will talk about in this book is learning to follow energy rather than trying to push it.  Magic is not about using force and effort as a way of making things occur in your life.
  • Magic is About Receiving.  The point here is that magic is about receiving.  If you have to control everything to make your life happen, how much energy doe that require of you?  All of it.  And if you are busy controlling everything, how much does that limit what you can create and what you can receive?  It limits you enormously.  What most people create is based on the amount of energy they put into continually controlling things.  But, what if you were to create from receiving?
  • Is there a finite amount to what you can receive?  No, there isn't.  You as an infinite being have the capacity to receive infinitely and when you receive infinitely, magic can truly show up in your life.  But to have the magic, you have to be willing to receive.
  • Acknowledge the Magic - one of the reasons people think they don't have any magic in their lives is because they discount it when it happens....  They say - "that was just a coincidence"....They throw away the magical truth of it.
  • Homework assignment:  Look back over your life and write down every time you thought about something or asked for something and it showed u, as if my magic.  Then - and this is important - acknowledge that it wasn't a coincidence, it wasn't a serendipitious event, it wasn't a fortuitous incident or accident, it wasn't just "one of those things" - it was magic.  You created it.  Look at those times and acknowledge that you created them.  Acknowledge it out loud.  "Okay, I created those.  Wow, am I cool that I could create that?  What else is possible?"
Chapter 2 - Oneness and Creation
Chapter 3 - The Human Perspective vs. The Humanoid Perspective
Chapter 4 - What Is Living In the Question?
Chapter 5 - Magic Is "Ask and Receive"
Chapter 6 - Pico Universes vs. True Creation
Chapter 7 - Excitement and Fear
Chapter 8-  How Do You Create What You'd Like To Have?

Chapter 9 What Else Is Possible?
Chapter 10 - There's Consciousness In Everything
Chapter 11 - Manifesting Things
Chapter 12 - Performance Magic:  Directing And Using Energy
Chapter 13 - Lyrics
Chapter 14 - Magic, Work & Money
Chapter 15 Theres Magic In That 10 Percent
Chapter 16 - Do You Have To Love A Product In Order To Sell It?
Chapter 17 - Oneness and Gender Assignment
Chapter 18 - The Value of You
Chapter 19 - Destroy Yourself Every Day - Create Yourself Every Day