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Energy and Balance
It is important that our bodies receive positive forms of energy most of the time. It is from positive energy that we attain good health, peace of mind, and quietness of the spirit. We can get positive energy from many sources – from proper nutrition and exercise; from exposure to ample sunlight whenever it is safe; from the love, affection, and respect we get from family, friends and peers.
Unfortunately, where there is positive energy, there is also negative energy. We get more than our fair share of it in our daily lives. Fear, stress, anger, hatred and disappointment are all forms of negative energy. We may consciously forget about these things, but our body stores memories of these in energy centers called chakras. When there is too much negative energy in our body, it can lead to illness, both of the body and of the spirit. Footflexor

Abundance Ring

This is where I purchased these beautiful pendants shown below and the Abundance Ring above.
What a great way to get silver into your personal economy and also the energy of sacred science.

The Key of Success Sterling Silver Pendant

As You Can See, I Love Silver. And I Love The Key Of Success Pendant From Ka Gold All I Can Say Is - The Energy Is There And It Works

The Mother Earth Sterling Silver Pendant

Healing with Cosmic Jewelry
What symbolic jewelry or cosmic jewelry aims to do is to help us attune ourselves to the power invoked by the sacred words and the sacred geometric forms in order to restore the balance of energy and to flush out the accumulation of negative energy in the body. These sacred geometric patterns are found in Nature herself, and the power that they invoke is present in Nature.
By letting ourselves become open to the frequencies that the sacred patterns in cosmic jewelry invoke, we attune our minds to receive the energy channeled by that pattern. At the same time, we also awaken the energy centers in our bodies – our chakras. The same thing happens with invoking sacred words. These words allow our minds to become open and more receptive to healing. The body then responds to the energy and uses it for healing itself. The process becomes even more powerful when the intention of the person who crafted the sacred jewelry is truly aimed towards helping and healing.
“Energy follows thought” is a favorite adage among holistic healers. We allow our bodies to heal by letting energy flow through us and realign us. We allow ourselves to receive this energy by opening our minds and attuning our bodies to the frequencies invoked by sacred words and sacred forms. Wearing symbolic jewelry or cosmic jewelry gives us the means to harness the healing power of these sacred words and sacred forms, and to facilitate the healing process.

Galactic Harmony Sterling Silver Pendant

alchemy Sterling Silver Pendant

Country Roads - FootFlexes

Join me here for some interesting stories in reality and some connections to local business (Barrie, Ontario Canada) natural wellness sites or affordable online marketing tips, tecniques and of course - financial growth and passive recurring, online income potentials And Crystal Skull Energy, Just To Name A Few.....
Sounds like a lot - but if you have any questions or would like to know anything - just email
It's about creating teams, wealth, compassion and a new reality financially for many people in the world today - myself included.
And it's about learning to heal yourself and others - emotionlly, physically and mentally. It's all about learning and being what we've never before been and yet have always been. Ourselves.
It's All About Love
Let the Light Shine In Us All.
It's about change.
And it's about me, of course - someone who's been through a lot of forced changes in the immediate past and was forced to look deeply inside myself to create a new and better reality.
Hope you like it.
You can also check out my blog on Blogger for the latest on my trip to Nicaragua.
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What is Reflexology

complimentary therapies and diseases assisted by regular reflexology sessions


distant energy transmissions for balance, synchronisity and cellular communication

Mind Movies

mind movies and self help videos


what is reiki? energy healing model vs curing model

Dr Mercola Health Articles

reprint of health articles by Dr. Mercola

Contribute to Reflexology

Would you like to share your knowledge about reflexology? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.

Ionic Foot Detox Bath

Ionic Foot Detox Bath (Mobile Available)


paypal payment for mobile reflexology

What Is Reflexology And What Can It Do For Me And My Aching Feet????

Reflexology is a natural healing art, a stress reliever, assists the release of endorphins that create a calming and enhanced feeling of relaxation and, greatly enhances the body's ability to rid itself of toxins and blockages that create stress.
A Certified Reflexologist applies pressure to reflexes in the foot, hand or ear to affect an involuntary response to a stimulus from the autonomic nervous system. Nerve impulses from receptors are then transmitted to the central nervous system which in return send outward signals to other body organs, glands or cells.
It is amazing just how much stress can be relieved from one session. Your Body knows best where and when to begin the healing process and will direct any energy to the most critical part first. Like Reiki, Chinese Medicine or BodyTalk - the body's innate wisdom knows exactly where to begin the healing process.
The idea of regular sessions to aleviate stress within the body is in order to allow the body to return to homeostasis after each stressful episode. (disease, illness, depression )
When your whole body is "At Ease" your can be free from "Dis Ease"......
Each Session will allow your body to be less stressed out the next time a stressful situation arises. Each session allows your body to handle the daily stresses and pressures a little bit better.
There are over 7200 nerve endings in each human foot that interconnect through the spinal cord and the brain to affect all areas of the body. The body's nervous system enters the parasympathetic mode when a session is performed and the body's ability to self heal and re-balance is greatly enhanced and an internal balance of homeostasis is better maintained.
The feet are under constant pressure from stress, friction, abuse, physical damage and trauma - as the session progresses. the pain cycle can be interrupted, along with stimulation of the lymphatic reflexes, which in turn boosts the immune system and actually, all body systems benefit as all reflexes in the feet, hands and ears reflect all of the body systems within.
It takes 45 minutes to 1 hour for a complete session that is sure to put your fight and flight meter a lot closer to the rest and repair side - and you'll feel better for it too!....
reflexology is a completely natural method that is complimentary to other medical treatments.
The Reflexology Association of Canada defines Reflexology as such:
"Reflexology is a natural healing art based on the principles that there are reflexes in the hands, feet and ears, which correspond to every part, gland and organ of the body. Through application of pressure on these reflexes, reflexology relieves tension, improves circulation and helps promote the natural function of the related areas of the body."
Reflexologists DO NOT
1) Diagnose, 2) Prescribe, 3) Treat for Specific Conditions or
4) Use machines or instruments during a session.

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In Home (Mine or Yours and even where you Work)
Therapeutic and Relaxing Reflexology Sessions, combined, upon request, with Scrapbooking Parties, Corporate Functions, Trade Shows to facilitate your complete stress free environment.
Gift Certificates Available along with special donations to charitable events and silent auctions.
ABOUT ME Travelling Reflexologist.
I do 45 to 60 minute reflexology sessions in your home or mine. Ever go for a massage and then get all stressed out on the drive home?
Time to De-Stress and let your Body Communicate, Syncronize and Balance itself.... and it's time to just relax... In House Reflexology Sessions help you Communicate, Synchronize and Balance Your Body Systems to allow better health and vitality.
In House is Your House - call to book an appointment. All you have to lose is your stress
Phone 705.797.0489 Call me and I'd be happy to book your "in-home" reflexology session or day!
And if you dream of a full day of sessions for you and a couple of friends without having to go out into that cold winter weather coming up, then dream no more. Setting up a room in your home or workplace is easy and affordable when you book your "Sole Sister" Session at a special average rate of $40 per person. (Sole Sisters Day $200 - 4 people plus hostess = 5 happy Sisters. )
That's 5 full reflexology sessions beginning with a deluxe (dry) foot scrub and ending with relaxing reflexology deserts (massage and application of lotion or scented natural oils if you prefer) and would require 6 to 7 hours of time in your home for each group of 5.
It's a full day of fun and pleasure that makes the day as special as you and your "Sole Sisters"
And while everyone is waiting for their pampered sole session, perhaps you and your friends would like to enhance your reflexology sessions and day with some quality scrapbooking and treats and friendly chatter ....... is it time to get some of those family pictures in an album for posterity and at the same time - enjoy some down time with your gal pals? Weekends are great for get togethers and catching up on old times with friends.
For an additional fee of $35.00 per person I can facilitate my personal Scrapbooking Consultant to complement your day with a specail scrapbooking package tailored to your requests. It's a win win situation!!! Total $375 for 5 people to scrapbook and have reflexology sessions.
Single Sessions are always welcome as well - $55.00 per session "in-house" and you get to relax and curl up with that book or get back to work after I'm gone.
Or - Surprise me and just drop in at my home. Call to see if I am available - 705-797-0489 Walk-ins are always welcome if i am home. .....and I'll make room for you if you are in Barrie shopping, or out with the gals for a day of pamper, fun and plain ole letting the sole sisters and puppies get back to nature and holistic delights.......almost sounds like a decadent rub 'n tug for the sole........;-) Let's do it!!!
And Begininning January 1, 2012 - Footflexes will be offering full 45 minute ionic detoxification foot baths to further enhance your body's ability to rid itself of toxins. Sessions are $45 single and lots of packages available - just ask and you shall receive.
Special Corporate Rates also available at 5 sessions for $200 - treat your employees once a month for a job well done. And They don't even need to leave the office - I can set up in any small room available.
check out FootFlexes LinkedIn and FaceBook Profiles for more information or call me at
Linda Ley Email 

FootFlexes Mobile and Corporate Reflexology

Additional Options
Please use the Links below to choose your session and make payment. 
Pick Your Pleasure - Foot Baths Come with or without Reflexology

Introducing Ionic Foot Detox Baths

Pick Your Pleasure - Foot Baths Come with or without Reflexology

Reflexology Mats - $50.00 each or max 3 for $140 same shipping cost of $10.00