Hands of Love - Reflexology in the Dominican Republic 2011


How Appropriate that I purchase this painting from an artist in the Dominican Republic, that was a small poverty striken micro business owner who really had a talent for painting.  This is the 2nd of his artwork that I have purchased - one from each of the trips I have taken to NPH Dominican Republic.

The Artist, Ramone - is handicapped - as is his partner and girlfriend, Wanda.  However, I had the pleasure of providing Wanda with a great reflexology session and my teacher, on that trip, had purchased an outhouse for Batay Nuevo and Ramone - artist that he is - was asked t pose in front of his new washroom facility.   Imagine - $500 and that's all it takes to help with sanitation in a small town such as Batay Nuevo.  What else is possible?

I purchased two oil paintings by Ramone - below - the "hand of Love" is what I call it. and below that is the first painting I purchased in 2010 and depicts the orphanage of NPH.  Ramone subsidizes his income through painting and selling to groups of volunteers who visit the orphanage.  The Orphanage has special arrangements for him and his village to obtain clean drinking water and education for their children.  And they also send groups of volunteers over for games night and a beer. Ramone sells the beer and makes a small profit and enjoys the company of many great friends.