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Lotus Tarot free readings

Free Tarot Reading LT's World Famous Universal 6 Card Spread 6 cards from the Major Arcana This is a good reading to simply 'get a snapshot' of how things are with you generally, at this moment in time. It can also be used to answer specific questions, and has been consulted over 50 million times since Lotus Tarot was launched in 2002.  The card positions represent: How you feel about yourself nowWhat you most want at this momentYour fearsWhat is going for youWhat is going against youThe outcome according to your current situation or the question you asked Don't be fooled by the brevity and simplicity of the responses or by the fact it is a Major Arcana only reading, this reading has stood the test of time and proven itself again and again to millions of users.

Sunday, 24 April 2016

FootFlexes: Stop Psychotherapy Takeover Interview The Mind Va...

FootFlexes: Stop Psychotherapy Takeover Interview The Mind Va...: The Issue An extremely dangerous amendment to Ontario’s laws has made 'treating' human issues of thought, cognition, mood, emotio...

Stop Psychotherapy Takeover Interview The Mind Vault TV Team, Ava Schriver Dunn and Kevin Dunn, interviewed Stop Psychotherapy Takeover Co-Founder Grace Joubarne and our Canadian healthcare freedom legal expert, Trueman Tuck, on November 5th, 2015

The Issue

An extremely dangerous amendment to Ontario’s laws has made 'treating' human issues of thought, cognition, mood, emotional regulation, perception or memory the newest ‘controlled act’ that only select authorized individuals may do.

If it becomes enforceable, this secretly created and deceptively worded law will mean that verbal or nonverbal interaction with another person with the intent of holistically educating or assisting them to wellness could lead virtually anyone to a year in jail and/or a $25,000 fine for doing 'psychotherapy' without a license.

This law could become enforceable any day now.

Sounds impossible? Read our ‘Legislation’ and ‘Legal Opinion’ pages to learn more.

Legal Opinion

Watch the Stop phsycotherapy takeover interview here.

April 24, 2016

More Natural Healthcare Practitioners Eliminated by Premier Wynne

We are getting many contacts from acupuncturists, family therapists, spiritual care professionals, lay psychotherapists and others who cannot believe they have been betrayed by their government this way.

Acupuncture, for instance, was never proven to be a risk to the public and certainly, according to the statistics to be shared in future newsletters, only 6 people world-wide were negatively affected by acupuncture, and only by one small technique that few of them use and is typically very safe.

However, the real criticism Big Pharma has about acupuncture is that it is a very safe, cost-effective option to addictive pain medications that are creating the epidemic of drug addiction and deaths we experience today.

But again, the evil-doers on their black chargers, who want all drug-free options for pain management eliminated because they interfere with Big Pharma profiteering, swooped in to claim that all of acupuncture was dangerous.

As they did with the senseless psychotherapy legislation designed to put some 10,000 safe and effective professionals out of work, Premier Wynne’s former henchwoman  and Minister of Health, Deb Matthews, made the entire profession of acupuncture a controlled act, instead of restricting to those acupuncturists trained in that technique the one small technique that rarely causes an adverse effect.

Please help with whatever financial contributions you can spare   Also, PRINT OFF THEFORMAL PETITION and help us gather signatures to be taken to the Ontario Legislature.

Of course, as previously explained, controlled acts are not to be used to control entire professions, but only the specified and identifiable act within the profession that is proven risky.  In violation of the superior laws, this government seeks any excuse to control even the safest of techniques of every profession and restrict the entire profession to those who later dilute then eliminate it…the medical-model advocates.

Worse, front-line healthcare services are cut back instead of bureaucratic waste and redundancy being eliminated, and safe, effective front-line healthcare professionals have to become ‘registered’ and pay many thousands of dollars in ‘fees’ just for the right to work.  You can understand why many are calling it outright extortion.

Premier Wynne, psychologists and psychiatrists seeking to protect their ‘turf’, and the pharmaceutical drug industry whose recent increase in drug prices she applauded, manufactured a previously non-existent profession to be defined as needed in order to capture and eliminate all natural therapies and approaches to wellness.



Monday, 18 April 2016

Memoirs of a Health Canada whistle blower - Dr. Shiv Chopra

Dr. Shiv Chopra’s name has become synonymous with food safety. To protect the integrity of our food, he has waged many battles against a succession of Canadian Prime Ministers and federal ministries of health. He refused to approve various harmful drugs to be used in meat and milk production. He defied governmental gag orders, spoke publicly to the media, and testified at many Senate and parliamentary committees. Time and again the courts supported Dr. Chopra and ruled against government attempts to silence him. Also, time and again the government allowed dangerous drugs, agricultural practices, and carcinogenic pesticides to enter the food supply. Here is the full account of how government corruption endangers the food supply and how Dr. Chopra and his colleagues continue to speak the truth. Most importantly, this book contains a blueprint for the establishment of food safety and security throughout the world.

Dr. Chopra is also a vaccine expert and the following is from a slides how on vaccines
Available here Well worth the watch to see the truth on vaccines

June 21, 2015 interview with Dr. Chopra on vaccines

To purchase Dr. Chopra's eye opening book on the corruption of Health Canada and Big Pharma , most book stores carry it or you can purchase from my associate amazons link below

Vancouver, April,  2016
Dangers of the TPP and  milk in canada

Monday, 11 April 2016

stop psychotherapy takeover on ontario

stop psychotherapy takeover in ontario

This is very important.  Legislation was passed in 2007 and is in effect and waiting to be proclaimed.  More Importantly,  this is part of the job Infrastructure promised us by #justintrudeau ....the creation of a new college to create professions for a whole new mental health industry.  Including social workers.  ALL licenced, trained and funded by big pharma which is in bed with Health Canada.

The sole purpose of the new legislation is to eliminate all unregulated practitioners from the healthcare field as well as all non pharmeceutical regulated practitioners through regulated, diluted and forced new scopes of practice.

All definitions and case law exist that will allow for prosecution by the college of any and all practitioners who treat others in ontario but who are not health care professionals noted in the legislation.

Authorized professionals are physchiatrists and medical doctors, physiologists,  registered phsycotherapists,  nurses, occupational therapists and social workers.

A lawyer in Belleville ontario is representing the cause you see on facebook and around the internet.  Please , if we allow this law and education to take effect, we will then let big pharma my view...we are now living in a German concentration camp where our thoughts and behaviour are controlled by the thoughts and education of the professional involved.   Kind of like room 101 in the book 1984.

Matter of fact this new school and legislation reeks of doublespeak.

Please read the remainder of the legal opinion here.

  This is not just for therapists but for patients.....this affects your constitutional rights as a citizen of canada to receive the health care of your choice, and that includes not taking medications for depression or anxiety if that is your choice.  This law will now limit those choices and make it illegal for a naturopath to treat you......  please act for freedom of choice and especially in health.....

Serious Disorder:

Virtually any client, or recipient of assistance, could be classified as having a serious disorder, at any time, at the SOLE discretion of the College, and therefore any practitioner could be accused of having treated one or more clients who have a ‘serious disorder’.

Ontario case law has defined this term very broadly, and the psychiatrists’ ‘Bible’, the DSM-5, lists hundreds of ‘serious disorders’. Psychiatrists can use the unscientific DSM-5 to come up with at least one diagnosis for virtually everyone on the planet. Therefore, a prosecutor could easily find an expert witness willing to state that any client had a “diagnosable serious disorder“.

Seriously Impair:

Again, virtually any client or recipient of assistance can be classified as being seriously impaired at the SOLE discretion of the College. Click here to learndetails on how the term has been defined in Ontario case law.

Also, please note the word ‘may’ in front of this term. To fulfill the criteria of the controlled act, the client’s ‘serious disorder’ does not have to ‘seriously impair’ anything – it is only required that it ‘may’ do so, and this will be determined at the SOLE discretion of the unaccountable regulatory College that has been given the power to prosecute competing practitioners.

In Short:

any technique used to treat human issues may be considered ‘psychotherapy’, and any healing relationship is a ‘therapeutic relationship’;
virtually any person could be deemed to have a ‘serious disorder that may seriously impair’;
natural methods treat the whole person; therefore there is no way that any holistic, energy, traditional or spiritual care practitioner can be safe from prosecution under this law. action ...send a letter to your mpp as a therapist and as a citizen.  2016 is the year to band together and support this action is

Letters to your Mpp , sign the petition and preformed letters to health canada, ways to volunteer, support and take action....all here in this link

Another lawyer in British Columbia, Shawn Buckley, is fighting health canada and it's elimination of natural health  and naturopathic health medicines from being deregulated in canada.  Health canada wants them proven safe, whereas big pharma is allowed deaths from medications regularly and gets approved.

See my post here for more's all part of the same cause.....freedom of health

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Thursday, 7 April 2016

The Truth about Cancer documentary beginning April 12, 2016

This is one documentary series you want to see.  I've seen it last year and will watch it again.  The truth is out there, so say Scully and Mulder. .....this series is part of it. And no I'm not talking aliens.....I'm talking truths in our medical system....corrupt to the bone.  Generations of doctors taught pharmacology.  There is another way.

And the change in that system starts with educating yourself.  Because what you have been taught about everything in your life is a lie.  Medicine.  Health Freedom.   Toxic cures that never do.

To sign up to watch the free series, please use this link below.  It is my personal link for advertising the series.  I can win dvd's of the documentary if you sign up.  For 25 sign ups I win a free copy of the whole series.   And once you sign up, you can win the spread the word and win a set for yourself.  Because there will come a day when you will need it.  And cancer does not have to be a death sentence.....

sign up to watch the free series here.