Tuesday, 24 May 2016

The Truth About Bernie Sanders And why he is better than Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump together. Bernie is the Ace in the hole in this rigged came of cards.

When you investigate and read up on who controls the world and for how long, one only needs to go to the british empire and its control over the united states throughout history and from birth of the american nation.

A good book on the real history of colonization of North America by Great Britain.   Crisis   It tells the real story of politics in the United States.   A history every Canadian should read to understand not only our distaste for our american neighbours, but our own political background.  And every american should read before voting their constitutional liberties to clinton or trump.

Read Crisis and then listen to Bernie's historical speaches and read between the lines.

Bernie has been fighting for liberty and justice from the very cabals we call government for years.

Now listen to Bernie in 2016.