Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Crisis plan

I am transitioning to the community and learning to live on my own again after a psycotic episode last fall.

Accordingly we today developed a crisis plam for me.   It went well and i have all my tools in place for any future event.  Heres hoping it is not necessary but if it is i have my contact people in place.  Tonight is my first night out of hospital in 7 months.  I get to stay at my new apartment overnight and sleep in a real bed again.  And i am learning to occupy my time all over again after 7 months of community institutional living.  Being alone is scary yet welcome .

This post is short because i am learning to be communicative again as well.   Being scitzo-affective i need to do that because the medication has me flatlined in my affective skills.

I would like for family and friends to read my posts and comment on them and i will answer any questions you may have.  This will help me a great deal.