Friday, 21 March 2014

Healing: A Mystical Science That Includes Miracles- Dublin 2014 Part 1

Carolyn Myss

I don't know how long this video will be up on Carolyn's site but around the 22 minute mark she describes the perfect game plan for healing and miracles using your own energy sources

Excerpts transcribed from the video.  Right on Carolyn.  I like that type of handball! 

Sacred Handball

This is called Sacred Handball.  It's like, what level do you want it? 

Do you just want to deal with chemistry? Then your capacity to heal what you've got is exactly what the doctors tell you.  You got 6 months.  

If you wanna deal on the next level then maybe you can add 18 months if you try to manage this or that. 

But if you want to be in the Major League and say, I really want to put myself in the hands of the Cosmos....I want to be able to transition and go for healing, and start again.  I wanna reboot on this life and see if I can pull off a miracle.

A miracle isn't a reward for good behaviour.  A miracle is a willingness to shed, that way, and to reboot with high voltage agreements that says "I got it.  I got it and I'm not going there again."  that's a miracle.  YOU become the miracle.     

It's already in you
Learning the Laws.  
These are the Laws of Sacred Nature, Sacred Anatomy
This is how we should learn now
This is the Holy part of Yourself
Devoid of mythologies that separate you from your humanity and from each other

When I say church - oh I'm not fussy.  I'm against em all
It's not being against, it's that if you understand the nature of God
If any Religion causes harm to another human being that should be your first instinct it's trouble
If it causes a division, if it causes a sense of superiority, that should be your first instinct - oh oh!
 How can a God dwell here?

Finally, something that you really have to pay attention to, which is, in keeping with the reality that the time has come for that whole thing to dismantle, one of the things that makes this moment that we are living so extraordinary is that's not even that we are on to the nonsense that all of these churches.....their own demise.  
Their own demise is going to happen organically.  We are on the verge of joining the Galactic Community

Of becoming part of the realization that life exists everywhere
What could be more preposterous than thinking this is the only planet that...  what is more ridiculous?
That's like living on Fire Island off New York and declaring that there is no other life on this earth.

Because you have said it so.
This is an abundantly populated Universe
And to think that we, on this tiny little planet, on this tiny little planet.... wee wee little thing - are you nuts?

That's number 1
Number 2
That we.....  WE have the God ....oh my...
number 3
not only do we have a God but we Cristians have a God and we Catholics are the ones.....

And we have to tell everyone in that whole Galaxy this whole billions of galaxies... well the amount of missionaries we're gonna need - I can't imagine.....  ;-)  

How are they gonna know that our little bitty Jesus did it all and that he....I can just see them on some galaxy in Andromedea ..."Say Where?  When?"  And they may be one of the tall Gray.....