Saturday, 22 March 2014

   "It's an Adolescent Culture

And an Adolescent Culture Elects Adolescent Leaders"

Taking the Yellow Brick Road Parts 1 to 7

I think the one thing that the new age spiritual culture did, was that it brought up the fact that spiritual history has to be recognised, respected and witnessed but it got turned into a lifestyle .  And that's what I cannot tolerate.

When you are a child, you don't know any other way.  A lot of abused children can't tell the differnce between abuse and attention.  And they carry that.  Because the only attention they ever got was abusive. You come over here and you become aware of your woundedness, like the Scarecrow, the Lion, Dorothy and the Tin Man, and you identify by wounds.  This is adolescence.

Our culture is an adolescent culture, and woundedness is a multi billion dollar business.  Cosmopolitan magazine is about woundedness.....Here is what you can do this week - the hairstyle that  will heal your woundedness... If you turn on television or look at magazines they are marketing - this is the drug you should take and to tell your doctor you need it to be well.  Adolescents are who do impulse buying. All of the marketing on television appeals to our adolescent.  Adolescents use to be like age 14 to 19.  Now it's age 14 to 45. They are marketing to our woundedness. 

Because it's big business

What's been fascinating is before television, like with the Wizard of Oz, you could watch the Wizard of Oz or read Huckelberry Finn or Oliver Twist or any of these books and you'd think, I'm so lucky that I have a family.  Then in the 50's and 60's we saw Ozzie and Harriet, Donna Reed, Father Knows Best  and we thought, why isn't my family like this?  And they said it could be if you bought Scott Towels.  This is real.  Or a Chevrolet.....  So we went from thinking that we were really fortunate that we weren't orphans to a huge culture that is keeping you adolescent and looking for something to heal your wounds.

An adolescent culture is an uninitiated culture and an adolescent culture elects adolescent leaders.

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