Tuesday, 25 March 2014

You Need to Get a Fix on the World You Live In. On the Here and Now.

This is one video you want to see.

You need to get a fix on the world you live in.  You need to get a fix on the here and now.  I’m going to give you a sentence to swallow. 

We are at the turning point of civilization

You need to swallow that.  That’s the biggest sentence your gonna hear.   We’re at the turning point of civilization.   It is a privilege to be alive right now.  People will write about this time we’re living.  They’ll wonder how we navigated it.  They’ll wonder why we didn’t recognize what this moment was all about.   They’ll wonder why we slept through it.  They’ll wonder how come we didn’t read the signs.

There isn’t one particle of life that isn’t being affected by the things that are going on now. 

So I’m going to tell you again.  We’re at the turning point of civilization.

I’ve been an avid reader of History since I was 7 years old.  Not a week goes by in my life that I have not read Historyl.  My background is Military History and then the study of god.  So those are my two things – Heaven and Hell. 

For me War the study of war has been one of the greatest intellectual allies I have ever had.  As well as the study of God.  Why?  Because war is the great change agent of all times.  War/  And it Is war that has advanced societies  or changed the shape of the world. 

What we are experiencing now and what has launched the phsycic era that we live in, was a war.  WWII.
So I’m going to take you back there.   Because in order for you to understand the world we’re living in now,  we have to enter through WWII.

You know, one  of the things about our world today is people have no appreciation of history.  So to give you an appreciation of it, if I just met you,  and I said tell me all about yourself but do not mention anything about your history.   I don’t want to know anything about your history – so tell me all about yourself. 

Would you be jammed?  Absolutely. 

All you ever do is tell people your history.  That’s all you ever do.  You tell your story.  You tell your history.   And you feel like if somebody doesn’t know your history, they don’t know you at all.  And if they encountered you in the middle of a great upheaval  - if they saw you screaming at someone right now,  - screaming yelling – yelling screaming – and they judged you,.  They decided – I know what’s going on with that person.  That person is this that and this that…..  You would feel completely offended because that person judged you on exactly what they saw going on  - but they didn’t know your history. 

They didn’t know all the relationships.    They didn’t know all the intricasies that lead you to this moment to being so enraged or angry. 

In that same way, most people look at world events  - they see one incident happen in Syria or one incident happening here or there – they know nothing about the history of that country.

They know nothing about the religion.  They no nothing about the culture.  They know nothing about all the centuries that have formed that part of the world, yet they decide this is what’s going on and that’s that.    They know nothing about how the wars have shaped them.   Or the brillian contributions that part of the world have made.    They know nothing. 

And yet they decide – do away with them – Obama -  and do away with this.  It’s unbelievable.    So without understanding how we got to this moment , you cannot understand the depths to which you have been  phsycicaly opened .

You cannot understand what is expected of you now.   It is not possible for you to grasp that.   You cannot understand that your world has been turned upside down .  That you are actually living at a time ….. without time.

And if I took you back – further….way way way back…  I would tell you that there was one a time when time didn’t exist at all. 

That time itself is a creation of the Physcic (physcie) (sp).  That time had to be incarnated into the human experience.    That time – Kronos – the Kronos World, - had to be incarnated so that consciousness had to be slowed down as energy densified  to physical matter.    What we are going through right now is that this power, this relationship with this amorphous element called time has been disconnected.

This was disconnected when Openheimer split the atom in a laboratory in 1944.  And if you could grasp all of things simultaneously , I would open up your 8th and 9th and 10th chakras.   And I would say, now, I want you to hold several things in your mind at once.  Not one the way your taught in school.  First this and then shut that down and now this and I’m going to teach you math, that’s enough of this, now we’ll go to English, …. No.

I need you to learn hollographically.  ALL THINGS AT ONCE.  All things at once.  You are now in a Hologram – where all things are happening simultaneously. 

So the first thing I want you to keep in your mind,  and we’ll put them all together,  and that’s called “a Big Bang”  .  It’s called an epiphany.    It’s called an awakening.   We are putting the alchemical ingredients together.

 First , Openheimer splits not “an” atom but “THE” atom.  A physical one.  “As Above – so below”  so below as above.  What happens in one happens in them all.  These are called Mystical Laws.

Whatever you do to one – you do to them all.  These are not cute little poetry of the scriptures of the psalms.   These are laws.   And the ordinary human being cannot grasp in their little itty bitty minds, that these are mystical laws governing the energy world.    They govern this world.

What is a mystical experience?  A true mystical experience is when those laws are exposed and activated in your inner world so that you get those laws.   They are not writings.  They are animated here (inside the body) and you get them. 

Openheimer has split the atom.  And he has split all atoms.  ALL.  The archetypal Atom. 
And somehow, in the middle of the night,  all humanity, all life – shifted into a parallel universe where….now I want you to picture an hourglass  - a gargantuan cosmic hourglass ……

Prior to Openheimer,  all humanity lived in this illusion….lived in a world…..lived in a belief ….. that matter was real.  It was the only reality.  And the speed of matter was the only reality.  What do I mean by that? 

Well, that however long it took for matter to do anything, was the only reality.  So how long would it take me to get information to you by letter?  Well, first it was horseback,  then it was the post office, so it would take me 5 days to get this information to you.  If someone had said to me prior to WWII,  you know what?  They’re gonna create an internet and it’s gonna take 5 seconds to do the same thing.

And in fact, you’ll be able to do it to 5 million people in 5 seconds.   Because we’re gonna take time and space out of this.   We are going to take time and space out of the equation of communication. 
We’re going to remove time and space.  Thus you will be able to this like this (snaps fingers).  If I told you that in 1944 – you wouldn’t be able to grasp the concept of such a thing.    But that in fact is exactly what has happened.

As a result of quantum physics, the quantum age, splitting the atom – we have redefined our relationship to time space and speed.   And now look at the way we talk.

We speak about “Is time going faster or not?”…..  we actually hire people to be time managers.    Your job is to manage time.   Well where is that?  How you doing with your time management?   Now we pride ourselves on doing something that is preposterous called “multi tasking”.  It isn’t enough to do one thing anymore – you have to do many….. you’re all over the place.  And you think that’s an accomplishment.

When in fact, what you are becoming is more mindless.   You are actually becoming more mindless and thoughtless.    You are taking thought and consciousness out so that you are becoming more and more absent of what you are doing.   You are taking more time out of every task you are doing so that what you are attempting to do is become more timeless.  As timeless as you can. 

What we have done, is become a society,  where we have had to dismantle every value that requires time and in its’ place put every value that is timeless.   So in place of depth communication with others , reflection, prayer – any kind of time with others -  we have put in its’ place convenience,  comfort, fast money, early retirement.   

Prior to WWII when we had a more conscious society, and I do mean conscious, ….. we had a more humanely conscious society, a more value driven society.  In that world – working was a privilege.  In a sense that one would never even consider that idea that you start out early thinking about retirement.

And John Steinbeck very clearly wrote a novel  - The Grapes of Wrath – in which the pain of being unemployed  was characterized because of the great depression.    People were called Bums.   By the time the 60’s came around, becoming a Bum – a beach bum – was considered part of the benefits of becoming an American.  There was something to look forward to .  I’m a beach bum. 

It was the result of abundance.  It was a mockery.   They didn’t have to work.  It was the result of being able to achieve so much so fast.    Now I digress by saying that.   But I wanted to point out that part of the reason we have to redefine and understand the world we are living in is that our archetypes themselves have shifted dramatically in the arena that we live in.   And you don’t realize what a crisis that is for us. 

So, in shifting the atom and splitting it, we entered the quantum consciousness.   Now part of that is reflected in how we instantaneously rapidly worked to catch up with it creating  energy technology and all of that. 

Now let me tell you what that has done in terms of our own anatomy.  Our own Psychic disorders we’re prone to.   The world of healing.  The world of inner suffering and the world of inner potential.   I think Historians will write about this time.  That this was the most rigorous transitional period.   That as the age of energy opened up, so did the age of the Psychee  and the age of the soul.   That all things have opened simultaneously. 

We have introduced to the language of medicine, the language of the chakras.  In introducing the language of the chakras we have introduced into the understanding of who we are.   A new word that we need to pursue with great depth, and that is our relationship to POWER.   And how power is an actual factor of health. 

In my opinion, working for 25 years as a medical intuitive, to me, every power is the fundamental meaning of the human experience.    Everything you do, say, wear,  wher ever you sit, every choice you make,  every negotiation, every single thing you do, is based on power.   Will this get me power, will this not.  Will this person disempower me?  Can I say this?  Will it cost me too much power?  If you change …. If you could see your life through power.   Through power chips, power negotiations.   You would realize that every single everything you do is based on calculations of power.   

And indeed, Illness, and the diagnosis of Illness, if it were up to me?  One of the charts I would have is if someone said, let’s deal with your nutrition, lets deal with your sept count, lets deal with white blood cells, and lets have a power chart.     Because to me, I don’t care what your blood cell count is, if you were someone who didn’t know how to manage your power,  there is no amount of help in the world that will help you get out of an illness.   Not at all.  It is not possible.

If you are disempowered, you cannot heal.  It’s a bold statement and there it is.  And I’ll stand by it for the rest of my life.   If you are disempowered you cannot heal, you cannot change any of your crises , you can’t do better on anything, you can’t financially succeed,  you can’t do anything.   Why?  Because everything on the outside world scares you.  You can’t make an intuitive decision.  You are too afraid to follow your inner gut.   You can’t act spontaneously and in order to succeed, or heal you have to be able to act spontaneously.  You have to be able to follow a gut instinct as soon as you hear it. 

And if you can’t do that, you can’t maneuver on immediate grace.   You know, when most people talk about self esteem, I don’t know what they think it is.  But it’s an active force you utilize.  It’s not about feeling good about yourself.    Who started that mytholodgy?

Self Esteem is not about feeling good about yourself.  Self esteem is an active force that allows you to make constant decisions about your life.  About you.  About how to treat and take care of yourself.  About how to maneuver in the world.  About how to navigate.  How to apologise.  How to not say something that is not useful to somebody.  If it doesn’t serve them then don’t serve it to them. 

Self esteem is about you being able to lead an integritous life.  Self esteem is the courge to live a congruent life.   It’s not about singing “I Feel Pretty”…..  And it’s about that whole sense of power that says I can maneuver from the inside and power is an ingredient, that now needs to be registered as one of the most fundamental ingredients of health.  And the second is your archetypes.  You’ve got to know your archetypes.   You have absolutely got to know your symbols, your myths and your archetypes. 

We are now in a world, in a psychic climate where you respond …… how many of you have asked questions like “I wonder what my deeper purpose in life is?”  How many of you could care less?

How many of you have actually asked that?  For what reason have I been born?  Deeper

Okay.  I’m going to hit a pause button here.  Let’s just play a game.

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